EIGHT BY EIGHT: A 64 Painting Group Show


PREVIEW:  Friday, December 3rd, 2010: 5-8pm (French Quarter Gallery Association Artwalk)

ARTIST’S RECEPTION:  Thursday, December 9th, 2010: 5-8pm

THEME:  Eight paintings by Eight Artists working in a variety of mediums and subject matter.  A 64 Painting Group Show.

Artists:  Kathleen Billis, Gilles Charest, Bill Crosby, Joan Dumouchel, Simon Kenevan, Leo E. Osborne, and Wanda Steppe

Guest Artist: Karin Olah

“I have always wanted to do a group show with all of the painters in the gallery, showcasing their individual talent in a different way.  For the month of December the focus will be on a single wall in the gallery.  I have provided each of the artists in the gallery with 8 canvases, all exactly alike, each measuring 8×8 inches in dimension.  Each artist has been asked to paint their eight canvases over the course of the next few months, and then return them to the gallery” says Kit Coleman, Gallery Director.

In December we will reveal EIGHT BY EIGHT: EIGHT paintings by EIGHT artists.  64 individual paintings will hang together on one wall in a single large group grid.  A landscape will hang next to a figure, next to a still life.  The dynamic of the grouping will be intriguing as a whole, and because each artist is only doing eight paintings, the work will be of the highest quality.

“The inspiration for this group show came from part of my senior thesis for my art show in college, where I challenged myself to create 100 paintings in 100 days.  Each painting was a small work, a 5×5 inch canvas.  The final presentation was one large grid of 100 paintings ranging in color, composition and content.  It was an exciting collection because of the diversity, and the juxtaposition of one painting next to another created an interesting visual feast for the eyes.  To create another large grid with work by eight nationally and internationally renowned artists will be such a treat!” Coleman continues.

The viewer can admire the collection as a whole, and also admire each painting as a strong individual work of art.  EIGHT BY EIGHT is going to be a spectacular way to close out the year 2010. This will be a wonderful opportunity for collectors to purchase small works from different artists in the gallery, and even meet these internationally renowned artists in one art-filled evening.  The show will pre-view during the French Quarter Gallery Association Artwalk, and will be followed by a smaller, more intimate Artist’s Reception the following Thursday, December 9th.



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