Joan Dumouchel’s 8×8 Paintings

“When Kit talk to me about the project I was very objective…doing eight 8×8 (as a mosaic with the other artist) after doing large paintings brought me a new ”small” vision of my work. You don’t have much place on the canvas, so you have to get right in the point of what you want to describe and it gives me a new perspective of my work after putting all the paintings together. I love doing this project and I thank Kit for her initiative and her support.”

“Most of my work has been influenced by circus artists, poetry, and music. I like to put the figures into a dreamy or magical surrounding, it plunges the viewer into a timeless and dreamlike atmosphere.  I go by intuition, gestural and memory. But at first my daughter being a circus artist was one of my major inspirations.  I also did a series of boat (more abstract) and horse in the same ambiance.”

Joan Dumouchel paints intuitive dreamscapes where the only certainty is the direct and open emotional connection with the subject of the painting. Joan’s misty, ethereal canvases are peopled by the captivating visages of theatrical performers, mimes, acrobats and circus artists. What is portrayed is the contemplative inner realm of personas more typically seen in dramatic states of extroversion.







Memory I



About martingallerycharleston

Martin Gallery strives to bring some of the finest artists in a variety of fields together under one roof. Upon entering the historic Grand Salon of Martin Gallery, one experiences a soaring space filled with the exquisite color and texture of oils, acrylics, bronzes, marbles, terra-cottas and richly hued glass. Martin Gallery features contemporary art, representing more than thirty nationally and internationally renowned artists. Our goal is to provide works of thoughtful beauty to enhance residential and commercial surroundings. Our belief in the quality of the work that our artists produce is what drives us, and our excellent client relationships are what sustain us. Martin Gallery is located at 18 Broad Street on the corner of State and Broad Streets, in the Grand Salon of the historic People’s Building.
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