Simon Kenevan’s New Pastel Complete with Poem


‘Solitude Full of Flames’  pastel   image size 21 x 29″
Las Viejas del Océano
(The Old Women of the Shore)
Pablo Neruda

To the grave sea come the old women
With shawls knotted round them 
On frail and brittle feet. 

They sit themselves on the shore 
Without moving eyes or hands,
Without changing clouds or the silence. 

The obscene sea breaks and scrapes,
Slides down trumpeting mountains, 
Shakes out its bulls’ beards. 

The gentle women sitting 
As if in a glass boat 
Look at the savaging waves. 

Where are they going, where have they been? 
They come from every corner,
They come from our own life. 

Now they have the ocean, 
The cold and burning emptiness, 
The solitude full of flames. 

They come out from all pasts,
From houses which once were fragrant,
From burnt-out twilights.

They watch, or don’t watch, the sea, 
They scrawl marks with a stick,
And the sea wipes away their calligraphy. 

The old women rise and go 
On their delicate birds’ feet, 
While the great roistering waves
roll nakedly on the wind.


About martingallerycharleston

Martin Gallery strives to bring some of the finest artists in a variety of fields together under one roof. Upon entering the historic Grand Salon of Martin Gallery, one experiences a soaring space filled with the exquisite color and texture of oils, acrylics, bronzes, marbles, terra-cottas and richly hued glass. Martin Gallery features contemporary art, representing more than thirty nationally and internationally renowned artists. Our goal is to provide works of thoughtful beauty to enhance residential and commercial surroundings. Our belief in the quality of the work that our artists produce is what drives us, and our excellent client relationships are what sustain us. Martin Gallery is located at 18 Broad Street on the corner of State and Broad Streets, in the Grand Salon of the historic People’s Building.
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