Smorgasbord: Culinary X-Ray Photography by Don Dodenbostel

What:             Don Dudenbostel Solo Show
SMORGASBORD: a Culinary X-Ray Photography

Where:            Martin Gallery
18 Broad Street, Downtown Charleston
In the People’s Building on the corner of State & Broad

When:            Artist Reception: Friday, July 1st 5:00 – 8:00 pm
Artist Lecture: Saturday, July 2nd 11:30 am
Show dates: July 1st – 30th

Free & open to the public.

Through X-ray photography, Don Dudenbostel is able to capture the hidden inner beauty in objects of the natural world, such as flowers and shells.  The delicate nature of Don’s work draws the viewer in, allowing them to take a glimpse into a world that is not visible to the naked eye.  The simple beauty of each object is captured with elegance, detail, and intriguing clarity.  He studied photography directly with Ansel Adams, and has exhibited his award-winning photographs internationally, as well as in the United States.

“We have been representing Don since 2007, and have always had his x-ray images of flowers and shells on display.  We have featured his work on numerous occassions, however this will be the first Solo Show we have had for Don Dudenbostel.   This is the perfect collection to feature during the summer, when folks are enjoying the freshest fruits and vegetables from the local farmers market.  Only these fruits and vegetables can be enjoyed all year long!” says Kit Porter, gallery director.

We are pleased to be featuring a new collection of X-ray images by Don Dudenbostel for the month of July.  Don dives into the vegetable bin with a new collection focuses on familiar fruits and vegetables, shown in an unfamiliar way.  Come visit Martin Gallery during the month of July and take a glimpse into the natural patterns and textures of your food, as can only be revealed through X-ray photography: chili peppers, okra and lemons, oh my!

The show will open on Friday, July 1st and we will welcome Don with an Artist’s Reception from 5-8 pm.  Then, on Saturday, stop by the gallery at 11:30 am for a Artist’s Lecture.  The gallery will provide mimosas and muffins for guests as they enjoy a free lecture, where Don will talk a little bit about his process.

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Hendrix the Hummer

Reinmuth, Hendrix Hummer

Just had our youngest client (10 years old).
She had $100 of birthday money that she could use on anything she wanted.

She chose Hendrix the Hummer by Steve Reinmuth!

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Kathleen Billis’s Paintings for 8 x 8

“Whether I am in the East or out West, I am always awed by the natural beauty everywhere, and the almost mystical experience of becoming part of your environment while painting outside… Plein air painting for me is putting all of that into the painting, the weather, bugs, animals, beauty, and spirit.”

Originally trained in ballet, Kathleen Billis turned to painting after owning an art gallery in Virginia and meeting her husband, Maine artist Mitch Billis.

“I’ve had to battle rheumatoid arthritis since age 15, so I guess I’m sort of an overachiever to compensate. I feel like it’s almost an asset to me now. I had to give up dancing, and nothing compelled my total attention and motivation, until I met Mitch and began painting again.”

Kathleen paints in the plein air tradition of turn of the century impressionists. While some finish work may be completed in the studio, it is about capturing a special moment or feeling of place that can’t be experienced again in just the same way.

August Sail


Early Evening Charleston

Folly Beach Sunset

Late Morning Sun

Low Tide

Queen Annes Lace

Rockville Shrimpboats

* all paintings are oil and are 8″ x 8″

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Joan Dumouchel’s 8×8 Paintings

“When Kit talk to me about the project I was very objective…doing eight 8×8 (as a mosaic with the other artist) after doing large paintings brought me a new ”small” vision of my work. You don’t have much place on the canvas, so you have to get right in the point of what you want to describe and it gives me a new perspective of my work after putting all the paintings together. I love doing this project and I thank Kit for her initiative and her support.”

“Most of my work has been influenced by circus artists, poetry, and music. I like to put the figures into a dreamy or magical surrounding, it plunges the viewer into a timeless and dreamlike atmosphere.  I go by intuition, gestural and memory. But at first my daughter being a circus artist was one of my major inspirations.  I also did a series of boat (more abstract) and horse in the same ambiance.”

Joan Dumouchel paints intuitive dreamscapes where the only certainty is the direct and open emotional connection with the subject of the painting. Joan’s misty, ethereal canvases are peopled by the captivating visages of theatrical performers, mimes, acrobats and circus artists. What is portrayed is the contemplative inner realm of personas more typically seen in dramatic states of extroversion.







Memory I


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Wanda Steppe’s Paintings for 8×8

After spending many years teaching herself to paint traditionally, Steppe found herself in the position of not being able to paint at all. Chemotherapy affected her sense of smell so that painting made her ill. She spent many months thinking about working without being able to work.

When I was able to return to my studio, I knew I needed to create work that was personal and cathartic. I decided to turn from painting objects from life to imaginary landscapes that were metaphors for the passage of time. When I began the landscape series, they were simply about the metamorphic effects of time and the elements, but as I healed they became more about emotional healing and spiritual freedom.

The final works in the series are contemplations on the fragility and uncertainty of the physical world and the nature of spirituality.

Berries Suspended

Cherries Skewered




Once in a Blue Moon II


The Course of True Love

* all pieces are oil on canvas, 8 inches by 8 inches

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Gilles Charest Paintings for 8 x 8

“The fruits of my imagination: I do not paint from real-life models.  My fruit has borrowed the figurative look of apples, pears, plums and cherries, but not the realism.  They provide a pretext to speak of men and women.  They are characters who take their lives for a walk down the paths for our day-to-day lives.

The 8 X 8 Martin Gallery exhibition represented a challenge. I rarely paint so small sizes. I wanted to paint as I usually do on large canvas. I produced Charest mini sizes as I looked in an inverted microscope.  Every 8 X 8 painting shows all details of a larger painting.”

– Gilles Charest

A Heartbeat Away

Behind Closed Doors

Don't Be Shy, SOLD

My Angels

My Kind of Girls

Once Upon a Time

Time After Time

Un Rendez-Vous

Click Here to View More Pieces from the 8 x 8 Show

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Michael Kahn

Michael Kahn, Under the Bridge

A Michael Kahn Photography Exhibition & Book-Signing
Friday, November 5th
5:30 – 8:30
Martin Gallery welcomes internationally renowned photographer, Michael Kahn to present his newest collection of photography on Friday evening, November 5th. Michael travels extensively to photograph the world’s finest boats and pristine seascapes. He collects his images on traditional black and white film; then, he produces his luminous silver gelatin photographs in his darkroom using skills he has refined over the years. Michael Kahn’s traditional technique united with his distinctive sense of form, composition, vision and technical mastery has helped him to become one of the most collected photographers of our time.

Introducing a new collection of images featuring the Charleston Harbor, viewers will delight in the industrial nature of this new collection. In addition to bringing new work to show, Michael will be signing copies of his book entitled The Spirit of Sailing: A Celebration of Sea and Sail.

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